A Work in Progress

This blog is a work in progress. For those of you following along, I don’t think it’s too difficult to figure that out. Just as the blog is a work in progress, so is my internship and project here in Gurugram, India. Additionally, my adjustment to India is a work in progress. Just as the battle for food security, good rural governance, water management, and agricultural development is a work in progress in many places in India and around the world. I think it’s particularly obvious at this point that I chose the title of this post because there are a lot of goals to be worked on and that are destined to be reached, yet simply need time to be worked on.

Generalization isn’t always good, but I think the majority of things, people, and places are always a work in progress. Things grow, people change, places develop. Throughout my nearly two-month stay in India, I look forward to working on the goals of the S.M. Sehgal Foundation, the needs of those in need, and on myself. I intend on experiencing growth that I couldn’t fathom if I were to not be in India. I’ll put my best foot forward in creating a positive impact for those around me. All the while, I’ll make by best effort to create a blog that’s worth your time to read and worth mine to remember. Keep in mind, it’s all a work in progress.



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